Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Cards!!

I made these Holiday drawings in Photoshop!! I wanted to get around to ALOT more, especially for my CSUFullerton buddies...but at least I'm really happy with the details in these some inspiration from watching the SecretOfTheKells and all those nice simplistic shape designs

For my Mom and Dad!
For my Ronny!

For my Bestie Ricky!

For my other bestie Dyna and her boyfriend Ramone

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wildlife and Animal Drawing: Final

Here are my assorted drawings from the 2nd half of my Wildlife and Animal Drawing class of Fall 2010. These drawings consist of life studies at the Los Angeles Zoo aboooout 3-4 trips I believe. Super fun and definitely gonna go again during this winter break to practice more.....when the rain lets up  :|


Wolf-Fox Ball!

Photoshop Assignment #4: Photo Collage

Little Red Riding Hood in the Dark Rose Forest!! Be sure to listen to this song while viewing the collage!
I played this and the other songs from the soundtrack to get into the mood for this dark piece  :D

Put on your 3D glasses!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Prep work for Photo-Collage assignment (In Digital Illustration)

This assignment is SO much fun when we get to concentrate on a fairytale, especially since I can focus on my favorite one; Little Red Riding Hood!  We have to choose a scene from our stories and develop the illustration by making a photo-collage in Photoshop. The concentration should be on the environment setting rather than the characters. They should be 1/3 focus/size of the composition. Then we're gonna transform them into 3D images because that's the raaaaaage nowadays!!  8P

**Full View images for awesome details!**

My professor helped us out with composition tips with this template:

Professor Hill looked these over and really liked the 2nd page with the tiny value studies. He went on to tell me to develop the first 2 in row 2 and the 1st thumbnail in row 4.

I couldn't choose between the Wolf Shadow or the large flower in the foreground so I tried fixing up the Wolf Shadow thumbnail: 
I tried to make the optical illusion like here: but it was a FAIL. So I went ahead and made this awesome final lineart to reference my photos to:

I LOVE IT!! But of course of I need to tweak the comp around, everything is on a separate layer on a .PSD file.

Continued on to make some value studies, showing the pure light of Red ready for the snatching by the wolf's dark intentions:
I wanted that mysterious dangerous foggy forest and luckily I got some photo references for this AND to perhaps put into the final collage. I got a nice horizontal focal point heading down to itty-bitty Red there but of course I got a nice detailed rose in the foreground to symbolize Lil' RED's innocence about to fall, such as that petal there.

SUDDENLY COLOR!!! Thank you, Color Layer!!  8D
Maybe the bright candy colors to work much but I tired to get saturated colors as much as I can...

OK, as always, I am extremely indecisive so classmates and possibly any random passerby blog viewers, help me PLEASE on a choice of which value and which color study.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photoshop Assignment #3: StoryBook Illustration

Bear-Bat and Jeremy return in a final rendered illustration!!

Please Full View for clear details  :D
I completed this to the best of my Photoshop abilities and wow, it was an exciting and stressful process all together! Working with a Color layer REALLY helped out alot right on top my value shapes right under. I'm VERY proud of the way I laid down my brush strokes, giving this a nice painterly style it. I think the dark blue shading gives off a nice mood of uncertainty with this winged beast and the light unveils innocence of the boy kindly gesturing a cookie to match with Bear-Bat's milk carton.

I wanna thank my Professor Christian Hill, Jenna H., and Matthew B. for helping me with my initial composition ad moral support!!!  8D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Photoshop Exercise: Candle and Fruit

Lineart by Professor Christian Hill, I just colored!

More good practice with color study, blending, lighting, different brushes, and the cloning stamp which saved my butt near the end.

Photoshop Exercise: Spheres!

More Photoshop practice, painting spheres with techniques back from Art 363A (Traditional Illustration) but digitally!

Here's my first batch and that horrific first purple one... 
And then I got awesome with these next ones!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Black/White and Color Studies for Storybook Illustration project

SO I picked the scene where Jeremy wants to make friends with this ominous beast by offering a chocolate chip cookie. Seemed to the more dramatic scene, story-wise and by my studies as shown.

Original Sketch

My preferred BW version 


Monday, November 15, 2010

Light Study over a Cup of Coffee

While in a cave....or the mouth of a whale.....

Silly scribble while in class practicing light source digitally in Photoshop. My friend Jenna is on the left, sipping away at her beloved Starbucks and I'm on the right with my....squiggly octopus arms....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Prep work for Storybook assignment (In Digital Illustration)

So here's what my next assignment calls for! Have to make a storybook illustration based on a short story that we write ourselves. I would have to check with my Professor on how to insert a Word document in Blogger without taking so much of the page.....

But in summary, Jeremy, a little boy that's very enthusiastic over learning about animals, stumbles upon a massive new creature in his kitchen pilfering the icebox. An offering of cookies to the beast reveals a newfound friendship and  flying adventures ensue in the sky above Jeremy's hometown. 
Here's some idea development into character design for these 2. Still finding the right design for Jeremy so nothing's finalized yet. Bear-Bat is set though, in the bottom portion of the last page  :)

These templates were made my Professor, Christian Hill to help us find a composition for our one illustrated piece. I couldn't choose between the scene where Jeremy hands a cookie innocently to Bear-Bat, unafraid of it's massive demeanor OR the moment where Bear-Bat screeches outta defensive being spotted by Jeremy raiding the fridge, with the light only giving the creature form and appearance.

A possible word document of my short story will be up soon, if anyone is interested!! 

Famous eye

By M.C. Escher
Have to upload an eye made by a famous artist so then I remembered MC Escher's nicely rendered eyeball:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


 I draw this sheep in honor of the fantabulous new Treyarch game CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS  <3

With a FAL rifle equipped with silencer.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photoshop Exercise: Different Illustration Styled Eyes

Still getting used to Photoshop and here's some recent works practicing digital painting for my 363B class. We were assigned to paint eyes in the style of Franz Marc, Seurat, Salvador Dali, Leyendecker, and Rembrant....I've got 4 down, Rembrant will be done soon, him and his crazy dark lighting.

I've never really painted to this extreme in Photoshop so I'm pretty proud of these. The tutorials that my professor Christian Hill presented us were REALLY helpful and inspiring, especially the demonstration of using the ALT key while in brush mode. SO GOOD for blending  :D

Franz Marc style
 I noticed from Franz Marc's painting is ALOT of plane distinction. So I tried to emphasize on sharp edges and using the rough brush.
Seurat style
 Pointalism from Seurat's time. Cheated a bit with the grainy brush  :P
Salvador Dali style
 This was my favorite one!! The eye looks like an omelet hehe
Oh my, SO nervous with each stroke with the horizontal brush but I got through it!! Leyendecker's painting seemed to have broad quick strokes blended through so I tried doing but argh, went with too many small strokes....practice and experience makes perfect!!  :)

Rembrant style eye shall be done and added in soon!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Illustrator Assignment 2: Sequential/Technical Art

Technical drawing made in Illustrator and color-filled in Photoshop.

STEP 1: Leverage arm in a fast 90 degree motion to catapult the wooden stick for dog to use his chasing instincts.
STEP 2: Look on yonder for your dog's retrieval of the wooden stick.
STEP 3: Pray that those cross-country classes in high school were worth the signing-up for.

w/ Halftone

w/ Greyscale

Based off of my original comic idea sketches (the middle panel) from some weeks ago to prepare for this assignment: