Thursday, September 30, 2010

Illustrator Assignment 1: Icons

Assignment 1 DONE!!
The GIF save image came out horrible adn not as smooth as on my Illustrator program....
Anywhoo, the image and icons represent the negative aspects of my past below the stormy raincloud but hey, there's always a silver lining! The top images rise up to a more positive outlook and positive me. Ask away any questions on icons if you need to  :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Illustrator Exercise: Big Bad Wolf

The exercise was given to us to understand simple shapes and their extraordinary compositional ways. So I made a Big Bad Wolf out of 5 Rectangles and 5 Squares. Added the red background for depth and because I wanted too  :)
It's got little paws.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project #1 for Digital Illustration: the "Ingredients"

What I mean in as in ingredients is all the icons, rough compositions, swatches, and what not that are gonna go into the final work piece.
 These icons took FOREVER!! But I'm glad on how neat they all look from the pencil sketches. The ones that are my favorite are the "music inspires my sketchbook", "the message of the Beatles", and "Lion King on original video cassette".
This is one of my first ROUGH compositions for the icons and a background. I used the right corner to gather all the negative parts of my life and show how I emerged with all the positive attribute in my life.
This is another ROUGH composition concept for the icons. Same jist; emerging as a new more confident person in my late teen years as I look upon a heart-cake with 3 candles, symbolizing how many years me and the love of my life have been together.
And then lastly some swatches that I feel are ME. The top row swatch collection can represent the negative parts of the concepts.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Illustrator Exercise: One-Stroke Eyes

Here's another exercise to make our own brushes and apply them to a one stroke design of yet another eye. I'm pretty sure this what my instructor is asking for, as indicted in the directions I read over a bajillion times to understand.
There's the original eye design in one stroke with the pen tool on the top row, the brush image I used below that, and then the applied eye designs.

Character Turn-Arounds and Expressions (Art 353A: Pre-Production)

Expressions attached to the different viewpoints of Herman the lemur. The disgust is by far my most favorite.

More expressions and the geometric shape/gesture for his body. And that sad look is most likely fake to trick guilt someone into giving him food  :P

Gesture lines for the Gorilla.

Expression page for Salvador. The angry one is my favorite, showing off those primate canines.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Illustrator Exercise: 25 Icons (NEEDS CRITIQUES)

I completed and re-worked the 1st versions of the 25 icons by the start of class last Friday (9/17) BUT I did not have the chance to upload them on to my blog which resulted in little to none advice/critique on my icons. Here they are now but in the comments can some of you answer these my questions please:
1.) Which ones are readable/not readable??
2.) Should I include my hair in these symbols so it reads as me??
3.) Should I simplify even FURTHER any of these icons??

BIG THANKS to whoever helps me out!!  :)

Illustrator Exercise: Eyes

Friday, September 17, 2010

Self Abstract

Assignment for my Digital Illustration in-class assignment. The task was to make an image in Illustrator representing yourself and wow, very VERY hard to think abstract. Took a while before I decided that blue and yellow, circles, and swirls represent my bubbly energetic self  :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Washing clothes is FUN.

My new washing machine is SO awesome and easy to operate...and my cat and dog think so too. Drawing done while waiting for clothes to finish washing...while watching an episode of Flapjack...HEAVY influence follows.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Traditional Illustration Final Projects Spring '10

Greeting Card Project     

Fairytale concept project
Caricature Project
Final Projects for Art 363A!
The lemurs were really fun to do, swinging in with a birthday gift....fairytale was cute to work at drawing children....and drawing Shigeru Miyamoto is THE funnest fanart ever!!
All these are mostly in Prisma Markers

ROUGH Character Designs for Art 353A

Made these guys up for my pre-production class to go towards my 1min and 30sec animated short. My story is gonna be about redemption, forgiveness, new-found friendship, and LEMURS. Still BARELY in the making so these guys WILL go through some more design changes

2D animation Final Fall 09

** Video Upload is NOT working for me, here's the Youtube link**

This was my final assignment for my Traditional Animation course at CSUF. Went from concept, storyboards, character sheets and production.
Faux-commercial concept for Wolf-B-Gone being demonstrated by Lil' Red against The Wolf. Victory comes at a price of $12.99

The compression is REALLY awful on Youtube unfortunately, like at [0:22] she pulls the Wolf-B-Gone can and the letters are shown....also starting at [0:14] its a profile view of the wolf and Red on the RIGHT...sigh, it's SO much better on Quicktime....hopefully readabilty is appraent...any questions can by commented below....but besides the compressions PROBLEMS, I was REALLY proud of this and got an A on for the nice extra editing and sound effects ALL done before the due date :D