Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project #1 for Digital Illustration: the "Ingredients"

What I mean in as in ingredients is all the icons, rough compositions, swatches, and what not that are gonna go into the final work piece.
 These icons took FOREVER!! But I'm glad on how neat they all look from the pencil sketches. The ones that are my favorite are the "music inspires my sketchbook", "the message of the Beatles", and "Lion King on original video cassette".
This is one of my first ROUGH compositions for the icons and a background. I used the right corner to gather all the negative parts of my life and show how I emerged with all the positive attribute in my life.
This is another ROUGH composition concept for the icons. Same jist; emerging as a new more confident person in my late teen years as I look upon a heart-cake with 3 candles, symbolizing how many years me and the love of my life have been together.
And then lastly some swatches that I feel are ME. The top row swatch collection can represent the negative parts of the concepts.

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