Monday, May 30, 2011


Went to the Aquarium of the Pacific on Sunday in Long Beach! And wow, it is SO relaxing to draw FISH!! Brought my markers with me as you can see. Mostly walked around with parents so this is the most I did during my time there. Since it's Summer the Aquarium had their Lorikeet exhibit up! SO many cute birdies flocking all over my Mom and I for nectar cups hehe

Unicorn-Fish greets you.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Life Studies

The last bit of weeks of lectures and long classes nearing Finals really dragged on....that's when I pull out my sketchbook to get me out of bored/sleepy mode!

Done near the end of a life-drawing session. There's James ( with the headphones.
 A very long boring Proffessional Practices lecture called for sketching people's heads. Again there's James in the lower right corner and Tung ( in the top left corner.
These are the most recent; done 5/28. Went to visit my old studio where I interned at during the Spring 2011 internship and sketch my friend David, a fairly new PA assistant and Joyce, their new Summer intern.


The begining of Summer calls for MARKERS!! First drawing of some marker sketches in my sketchbook, inspired by a wonderful series that my friend Rene showed to me; Workholics. 

ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. This drawing is based on Adam, Blake, and Anders in their mushroom-induced adventure of protecting the cubicles from night-raiders. Here's the links to view for yourself:

Jack Daniels Sketches

Drew these during a night of drinking with friends. Ah, the summer has indeed begun.

 One of my high school friends, Marissa, playing with an iPad and stating that she dislikes math very much. My boyfriend Ron,as an Applied Math major, is saddened that his field has lost one potential Mathematician to business.
OH, sad's been a hard couple of months for for my best friend here, Ron's sister.....not saying that drinking her sorrows away helped in anyway, no, but at least put her at ease....I think, she just seemed dazed most of the night.

Some past life-drawings

These were some of the last life-drawing session the PMC club held before Finals week.

Some 30 second warm-ups
2 of the GOOD 1 minute drawings

Pink really makes her stand out
Also here's a past week's of life drawing, done in a different medium than col-erase; sharpie marker for added fun.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Neverland Kids!

As a fun concept and to get my creative juices flowing for the glorious summer, I did finalized designs of my next gen Neverland children!
I love and grew up with the Disney fairytale and classic children books and out of all of them read/seen, I adore different takes on Little Red Riding Hood and Peter Pan. This series is called Children of Neverland and features some newer Lost Boys (and Girls) wandering the island. Kinda takes place after Peter has grown up but the island still takes in those who are lost in the real world. The plot is driven by Charlie wanting to help the new Lost Girl (whom he has a crush on) get back home. They face conflicts of the Naughties, Indians, wild animals, Pirates, and themselves growing up.

Charlie, the Leader of the Neverland kids

Tanya is the Lost One, just wanting to go back home

The "Herd" led by Katie, the cowgirl

Piggums, Charlie's sidekick and first to appear on the island after Peter's and the original Lost Boys leave....

And the Naughties who live on the other side of the island, Hideo and LittleDragon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's DONE.


My animation is DONE....2 semesters working on it through concept, story-boarding, and animating in TVpaint....DONE....

At least the rough animation is. My professor here at CSUF encourages focusing on the animating, acting, and timing segment of the Animation Pipeline rather than on cleaning up and coloring. Also worked on an Animatic made up of 134 panels for my own personal benefit as a portfolio piece/beginning of more personal storyboard animatics to come.

READING THE DESCRIPTION is much appreciated!!  

Bananigans! from Christina Mijares on Vimeo.

Lovey Dove Eddy from Christina Mijares on Vimeo.