Sunday, October 30, 2011


Assignment for my character design class to design a LAME SUPERHERO. 
Meet Man-O-Pause.

Typical 24-25 yr old college guy: in-and-out of jobs, 1-2 classes a semester, gets laid maybe every 2-3 weeks. One party he meets a lady-friend that changes his life forever. Bitten by a radioactive woman. Now he has feminine powers from the neck down. Solves crime with his new-found powers at his campus.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some Friends

Sketched some of my friends one night after Life Drawing. Fun times, fun times.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Group Shot!!
More elephant characters!! This time it's Edwin with a little admirer there, trying to get a peek at what he's playing on his 3DS and his sister Cyndi, created by Michelle

Now that little ele-girl there......see, before Edwin, HE would've been a SHE and a cute one at that!! I was playing around with different genders for my main elephant character. My girl design was adorable BUT I just couldn't put a personality on her unlike Edwin, the shy introvert gamer fat kid.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tons of Ele-fun

These are some of the final images for my 10-yr old elephant character for a Character Design class I'm taking.  We were set in groups and assigned a different family member individually.

He plays his 3DS there with his TRUNK you see....
So here we have extremely shy little introverted Edwin. Based him off the kids I would always see hanging by the Nintendo section at the Gamestop I used to work at. Also wanted practiced more of the retro no-line style that's currently in the illustration world (inspired by Brittany Lee's blog , Victoria Ying's , Megan's , XAV's , and even my good friend James')

Here are the 4 poses also assigned to show our character's personality. 

During the Final crit I was SO happy people were amused and caught on to that his eyes were super tiny and his glasses just magnified them. Also Gym class isn't exactly his strong suit....

Ponies: Take 2

Another round of colorful sparkly pretty ponies.
Drawing these guys really does balance my stress dealing with Perspective class....and plus I found some spare Prisma color pencils and I just had to create ponies with them  :D

The Bookworm of the show
Now for some fan-made ponies and silly names that my boyfriend bestowed upon them.




Portrait of a Tired Young Girl

The college years HAVE NOT been kind to this girl.

These are just some sketches of my boyfriend's sister done in col-erase red (since she has dyed red/brown hair). Playing around with facial shapes and simplification. 

She hasn't had a fun time ever since entering the REAL WORLD of college and an exhausting on-and-off relationship. Literally have not seen her truly happy ever since high school. Just seems like she's missing out on her college yrs are unfortunately gonna pass her by....

Done with venting. Enjoy the sketches.