Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tons of Ele-fun

These are some of the final images for my 10-yr old elephant character for a Character Design class I'm taking.  We were set in groups and assigned a different family member individually.

He plays his 3DS there with his TRUNK you see....
So here we have extremely shy little introverted Edwin. Based him off the kids I would always see hanging by the Nintendo section at the Gamestop I used to work at. Also wanted practiced more of the retro no-line style that's currently in the illustration world (inspired by Brittany Lee's blog , Victoria Ying's , Megan's , XAV's , and even my good friend James')

Here are the 4 poses also assigned to show our character's personality. 

During the Final crit I was SO happy people were amused and caught on to that his eyes were super tiny and his glasses just magnified them. Also Gym class isn't exactly his strong suit....