Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Go Away, Dust Bunnies!!

Let's get back to uploading this thing with some new stuff, yeah??  :)
 photo DustingBunnies.gif

So, alot has been happening since I last uploaded. LIFE in general has rewarded me with great fortune but also with massive heartbreak...

First off, Diana and I sold for the very first time this past AnimeExpo 2013!! It was such an amazing experience to sell and see the sights of the expo!! Haven't gone as a guest since '05!! I and was fortunate enough to sit to my best buds and seasoned sellers, ChrisJamesEddie, and Dimas. Place was cray-cray and crowded but we had tons of fun and went home with a CRAZY amount of profit!!

Emerging from the darkness of our selling table!!

Also been taking classes at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, focusing on Story-boarding still!! I missed school environments alot and I'm glad I'm continuing my education and goals!!

Shortly after these fun times, hardships came right away. My grandparent's pets were put to rest right after another. Just recently our dog, Baby, had to be put to sleep after having breathing problems. Our cat, Wally,  passed a week and a half ago with digestive problems. 
I was REALLY close to these companions since I lived with my grandparents on EastLA for most of my college years. Unlike Wally's passing, I was able to make it to the emergency clinic and hug Baby goodbye before he was put to sleep. It was a stressful night...

Not only did they love us but we loved them as much in return, especially with keeping my Grandpa with dementia company. I know they are at peace in heaven with my late Aunt Sylvia watching over them.

RIP, Baby (December 2000 - July 27th, 2013)

RIP, Wally (October 2008 - July 17th, 2013

The only right thing to do now is to move on in a positive mood. I'll be paying more attention to my blog here so stay tuned!!