Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Current State of Mind

Mind: Physically and Mentally TIRED
5 nights of staying up doing storyboards 'till 3am will do that to ya. Mind you PERSONAL Storyboards that aren't part of schoolwork. It's my own ambition that kicked me in the booty TO WORK this past week for upcoming portfolio reviews for 2 classes. Slept-in the day after the Storyboards were done and felt SO BOSS <3

These are some of my favorite boards from the 134 that I did over the 5 days last week. The story is kinda like a sequel/continuing storyline of my Eddy the Lemur character and his new love interest with Black-and-White STRIPED knee-high stockings :

You guys also get late night delusional drawings of a MyLittlePony and Kitty Stardust:

An Art Student Nearing Finals.....

This exact art student is actually a really awesome friend of mine, Garrett ( His concentration here at CSUF is CG Animation and yeah, this is what happens to those Maya kids. This is actually a funny take on his serious piece about a prisoner locked away in isolation. His character pushes the tv under his bed to "avoid the noises coming from it". Garrett here seems to have also pushed his pet Beta Fish under the bed as well in fear of having a sane conversation with it...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday's class

A page of in-class sketches done this past Monday (4/19). Yup, did this instead of listening to a lecture on exhibition details....

CLICK PLEASE to see details and speak-bubbles!!!!!
All these are my awesome art buddies at CSUF; Johnathan in the upper-left, Tung ( eating by James' Shark-designed Backpack, James'( loving his hostile Shark-designed Backpack, and then me getting leg-chomped by James' Shark-designed Backpack. Yah, reoccurring theme throughout class  :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Da Black Swan

HOOOooooly carp, what a mindfuck this movie was, in a GOOD, EXCELLENT, BEUATIFUL, DARK way.

Saw the movie just last night and right after I NEEDED to draw. Decided to go with a comedic take on Natalie Portman's role to balance the EXTREMELY creeped-out feeling I was still experiencing from seeing bleeding nails and webbed feet  0_o

BONUS LULZ for the people that watched the movie: