Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday's class

A page of in-class sketches done this past Monday (4/19). Yup, did this instead of listening to a lecture on exhibition details....

CLICK PLEASE to see details and speak-bubbles!!!!!
All these are my awesome art buddies at CSUF; Johnathan in the upper-left, Tung (http://tungsweblog.blogspot.com/)getting eating by James' Shark-designed Backpack, James'(http://jamesalien.blogspot.com/) loving his hostile Shark-designed Backpack, and then me getting leg-chomped by James' Shark-designed Backpack. Yah, reoccurring theme throughout class  :)


  1. Sharky has been misbehavin..for good reason! muhahah

    great drawrings!

  2. ... You mean "Jonathan in the upper right"