Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zoo Studies

Chose to get a year pass this winter vacation so I can continue to get more animal practice beyond my Animal/Wildlife class from last semester  :)  
Lots of lemur studies for my film I'll be working on for this Spring semester and also to break away from the lemes' some other ones to play around with markers!!
There's some other side-doodles I did at the zoo so I'll try to get those up starts next week.....

ENLARGE BOTH to take a closer look!! 8D

Most of the time they were be sleepin', cuddlin', or cleanin' themselves

Got sum Meerkats, Red-Maned Wolf, an Orangutaun, and MORE LEMURS!! And SOMEBODY'S behind...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Suddenly Cats

Wanted to sketch up the outside cats from my great aunt's backyard. Once I threw them into Photoshop, I had planned to just flat-color them but then.....I went into shading and ultimately FUN. And the siamese-mix kitten there, that is Cici!! One of the very few outside cats that lets us pick her up and pet her. Which is good so when she gets better of her kitty flu, it'll be much easier for her to be adopted!!  :D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Caricatures at Kaiser

Took my Grandma to the docter last week and I thought that'd be a great place to do some sketches of people. 
Ponytail Headphones guy was fun to draw and also was Angry-Over-Bad-Soup old lady.

The pencil drawing is OLD, from this past summer, but I just did the coloring yesterday to practice with Opacity in Photoshop. This was one of my hairdo's back in the summer....I miss my razor-cut....

Sarah has a Beanie

I saw this chick walking down the street one day and she seemed to have alot of character and so....I made her into one! Made up a name for her too.

The Secret of Kells..... a BEAUTIFUL animation masterpiece. Can't believe it was all done under an indie film budget!! Got it on dvd and watched about 2x and I LOVE the designs, the inspiration from the actual book of Kells from Ireland, the celtic music, and story...and then fanart happened!!

Guest artists Dyna and Ronald Doung, one of my best friend and her brother, my boyfriend!! She did the anime Aisling and he did the 2nd to last drawing above mine at the way bottom.

The Secret of Kells (c) Flatiron Film Company

Ice and Fire

Practicing some more Photoshop tricks. This is what happens when I decide to watch some Animal Planet online while my boyfriend plays Nazi Zombies on his PS3.

These Hellhound dogs are actually ALOT more fearsome than this puppy counterpart.....hellhounds (c) to Treyarch


An extra life-drawing exercise while back in the Fall semester that just passed. More quick sketches of a dance class on campus. Dang, it's tough to keep up with these guys but at least doing this every Wednesday gave me a sense of movement and turning with forms.

I was SO happy too when this song was playing during their warm-up exercises and dancing:  Be sure to listen to experience the effect I felt while drawing  :)


One of the professors at CSUF is/was a storyboard-artist on Disney's Phineous and Ferb and he had drawn Perry the platypus spy on our white-board and thus, inspiration to make my own platypi's!!

Guest artist is Jenna this time, with her smokin' platypus!! Visit her blog as well from the 2nd pic!!

Mickeys Everywhere!

And THIS is the reason for the lag on updating my blog!!
Epic Mickey for the Wii console is SO much fun...on the platforming side. Combat is a bit wonky and needs ALOT of patience to get used to but besides that, GREAT story and visuals.

Go ahead and click for a closer look!!
Blue paint makes enemies friendly towards you and help in attacking other beasties, but green thinner destroys enemies permanently and gets them angrier....