Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happeh Halloween + Clown-Shark

First off:

Now that the pug has your attention, onto more Knott's Scary Farm shenanigans. Over the weekend had my dinner-break with some new and old Clown friends, returning with Luigi and Bro-Clown, along with meeting Totem and his teddy bear.

This guy has gained the skill to eat food through his mask with ease. It was like watching one of those Discovery Channel documentaries where the sharks eat seals and stuff in slo-mo. An epic sight to behold.

And I had to, Dustin. I couldn't resist. 

Have a fun and SAFE Halloween everyone!! Be careful of Clown-Sharks, as they are prone to sneak up on you and steal your candy, chicken tenders, and pizza.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Clowning Around

Working these past Haunt's at the Candy Cart have been SO MUCH FUN. Especially with my Sombrero Hat, representing my home area, Fiesta Village!! The cart is right in front of the Supreme Scream and right at the border of Boardwalk and Fiesta Village ...PERFECT for seeing the Clowns do their stuff.
All of our monsters and entertainment crew for Haunt are some of THE most hard-working, motivated, and awesome people you'll ever see, especially the Clowns!!

One of the highlights this past weekend were these 3 going around being Italian and fixing stuff with little Mario, Luigi, and Wario hats. Btw, Luigi is my favorite Mario Bro.

Shout outs to some awesome Clowns I remember starting with BroClown. He's is SO good and insane when scaring people on his kneepads!! It was the last hr of the Haunt night and he decided to dress up and act as a Bro "douchbag", complete with jersey and Monster can drink in hand.

This certain Clown I know from CSUFullerton and quite the comedy man behind his microphone with all the guests AND ME at one point of the night....

This dude scares people by almost striking them but then to only squeek the end of his bat. He has really, REALLY nice dyed hair, no wig at all, and yeah....hhmm, I'm suddenly not afraid of monsters with contact lenses anymore....

Been talking also to this one Clown chick with a big Lollipop. She usually pairs up with the bigger Clown guys to dish out double the scare. Mmm...candy...

And last but not least is this awesome guy. He is SO fun to talk to whenever he passes my cart after scaring people by skidding into them. Super nice and super talented at what he does at Haunt!! Really cool that he spotted me walking to my car in the parking lot this weekend to say hi!!

2 more weekends for more Haunt FUN!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Political Cat is Political

Watched some clips of this week's Presidential Debate between Romney and Obama. My cat, Wally, decided to give his input on politics.

My cat by the end of the debate....