Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Three Lil' Ol' Ladies

Today is my great aunt, Lupe's, birthday and so I decided to work on these on my downtime from work. All 3 have their matching cats, complete with their own personalities we've all grown to love in the family.

These women are amazing and continue to inspire my cousins and I with their hard work and determination. Since we were born, Lupe, Catalina, and Vengie, not only did they watch over us, they took care of each other, and hosted numerous family holiday gatherings. They really define the term FAMILY and LOVE for one another.


Lupe is the sweetest and kindest soul you'll ever meet. Strong-hearted also, surviving each day with Cancer yet filling our days with smiles and laughter. She'll always be there knitting and sewing while watching X-Files, Buffy, or the horror dramas on the Scifi Channel.
 Ironic that her cat, Sercie, was the polar opposite and the most FIERCEST and GRUMPIEST cat ever. She's scarred a couple of us cousins in the past....she calmed later towards her old age luckily and became as sweet as her owner...sometimes. Sercie has passed on unfortunately but she's still in our hearts (and scars on our hands).


Catalina is the oldest of my great aunt's and grandmother's side of the family. Born with Cerebral Palsy, that doesn't stop her from drinking her morning coffee, watching Telemundo, and being the most cheerful at the holiday gatherings. A bit feisty here and there but a loving women as well.
Snowball is believed to be just a HUGE ball of fluff with a normal-sized cat head placed on top. She's a bit shy, hiding in closets and fitting her body SOMEHOW underneath the couch. Wouldn't be surprised if she did sneak out to sip on Catalina's coffee sometimes...


Lastly the one that is the main leader and mold that sticks these ladies together is Vengie. Not only before retirement did she work at a Hospital Office with tight scheduling but also would come back home to care for these 2 ladies and the cats. She won't take "no" for an answer and always supports and believes in those around her.
Socks is THE BEST CAT IN THE WORLD. Adorable, quirky, round, loud...I can go on. He's an indoor/outdoor cat that loves to soak up the sun on the porch and curl up to you in the evening while watching tv.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Handful of Dates

Freelance I did for a Kickstarter project about 2 weeks ago. They wanted 3 grey-scale sketched illustrations of key moments from the Arabian story, Handful of Dates.