Sunday, September 5, 2010

2D animation Final Fall 09

** Video Upload is NOT working for me, here's the Youtube link**

This was my final assignment for my Traditional Animation course at CSUF. Went from concept, storyboards, character sheets and production.
Faux-commercial concept for Wolf-B-Gone being demonstrated by Lil' Red against The Wolf. Victory comes at a price of $12.99

The compression is REALLY awful on Youtube unfortunately, like at [0:22] she pulls the Wolf-B-Gone can and the letters are shown....also starting at [0:14] its a profile view of the wolf and Red on the RIGHT...sigh, it's SO much better on Quicktime....hopefully readabilty is appraent...any questions can by commented below....but besides the compressions PROBLEMS, I was REALLY proud of this and got an A on for the nice extra editing and sound effects ALL done before the due date :D

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