Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photoshop Exercise: Different Illustration Styled Eyes

Still getting used to Photoshop and here's some recent works practicing digital painting for my 363B class. We were assigned to paint eyes in the style of Franz Marc, Seurat, Salvador Dali, Leyendecker, and Rembrant....I've got 4 down, Rembrant will be done soon, him and his crazy dark lighting.

I've never really painted to this extreme in Photoshop so I'm pretty proud of these. The tutorials that my professor Christian Hill presented us were REALLY helpful and inspiring, especially the demonstration of using the ALT key while in brush mode. SO GOOD for blending  :D

Franz Marc style
 I noticed from Franz Marc's painting is ALOT of plane distinction. So I tried to emphasize on sharp edges and using the rough brush.
Seurat style
 Pointalism from Seurat's time. Cheated a bit with the grainy brush  :P
Salvador Dali style
 This was my favorite one!! The eye looks like an omelet hehe
Oh my, SO nervous with each stroke with the horizontal brush but I got through it!! Leyendecker's painting seemed to have broad quick strokes blended through so I tried doing but argh, went with too many small strokes....practice and experience makes perfect!!  :)

Rembrant style eye shall be done and added in soon!!

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