Friday, November 12, 2010

Prep work for Storybook assignment (In Digital Illustration)

So here's what my next assignment calls for! Have to make a storybook illustration based on a short story that we write ourselves. I would have to check with my Professor on how to insert a Word document in Blogger without taking so much of the page.....

But in summary, Jeremy, a little boy that's very enthusiastic over learning about animals, stumbles upon a massive new creature in his kitchen pilfering the icebox. An offering of cookies to the beast reveals a newfound friendship and  flying adventures ensue in the sky above Jeremy's hometown. 
Here's some idea development into character design for these 2. Still finding the right design for Jeremy so nothing's finalized yet. Bear-Bat is set though, in the bottom portion of the last page  :)

These templates were made my Professor, Christian Hill to help us find a composition for our one illustrated piece. I couldn't choose between the scene where Jeremy hands a cookie innocently to Bear-Bat, unafraid of it's massive demeanor OR the moment where Bear-Bat screeches outta defensive being spotted by Jeremy raiding the fridge, with the light only giving the creature form and appearance.

A possible word document of my short story will be up soon, if anyone is interested!! 

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  1. these are awesome are a super creative person!