Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photoshop Assignment #3: StoryBook Illustration

Bear-Bat and Jeremy return in a final rendered illustration!!

Please Full View for clear details  :D
I completed this to the best of my Photoshop abilities and wow, it was an exciting and stressful process all together! Working with a Color layer REALLY helped out alot right on top my value shapes right under. I'm VERY proud of the way I laid down my brush strokes, giving this a nice painterly style it. I think the dark blue shading gives off a nice mood of uncertainty with this winged beast and the light unveils innocence of the boy kindly gesturing a cookie to match with Bear-Bat's milk carton.

I wanna thank my Professor Christian Hill, Jenna H., and Matthew B. for helping me with my initial composition ad moral support!!!  8D


  1. sweeeeeet...i like that you put the food items on the ground (they werent there before right?) newayz...nice madame!

  2. Wow, Christina this is so good! I like how your monster seems so menacing but when I enlarge it he has such a gentle expression. And milk! So cute!

  3. gaw kaylin...blew my comment out of the water with your sentence structures and what not haha