Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I've been up to this past week and a 1/2

Did some thumbnails for an environment/background landscape assignment for a summer class. It's an Illustration course at CSUF using digital mediums. It's pretty fun and challenging so far; need to brush up in my composition knowledge fo' sho!

I ended up choosing the Japanese Temple "treehouse" on a bamboo pole among a bamboo forest. Has a little Red Panda sensei sweeping the stone pavement.

Corel Painter 12!!


  1. Ooooh interesting. I like how you played with asymmetric shapes in your thumbnails. Careful, cuz thinks look a bit too symmetrical and straight in your painting. I think I dig the compositions in your thumbnails more... like that underwater one.

  2. PS I think you should remove the captcha thing for comments in your blog settings.

    I pressed "post comment" and thought it went through, until I realized that I needed to type the captcha and press a button again