Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dana Lamb's Army!

Inspired by the Harry Potter art gallery show down in Alhambra at Nucleus and to celebrate the final movie installment!! 

Click to see everyone!!
SO, we got right here (left to right):

Garrett (Gryffindor) - DUH, he's our king leader lord and savior PMC officer so he's of course gotta be Quidditch captain too!!

Tung (Slythrin) - He's studying a book there to brush on his ParselTUNG  HAHAH LOOLL the joke is dead now....

Me (Hufflepuff) - Just curious on what Tung is reading hehe

Chris (Gryffindor) - Our own Harry Potter there, complete with dark hair and glasses!

Breann (RavenClaw) - Chris' girl; all smart and knowledgeable in Harry Potter stuff!

James (RavenClaw) - In LOOOooove with McGanogal...

Whitney (Hufflepuff) - Completely stranged out by James' obsession there....

Jackson (Gryffindor) & Jason (Slythrin) - These 2 came with us to the Harry Potter Art show!!

Kevin (Hufflepuff) - Practicing his typography spell!

Jenna (RavenClaw) - Very ghost-like and very happy with her kitty patronus

Rachel (Gryffindor) & Jasmine (Slythrin) - Rachel looks on with her ferret at Jasmine's frog snatching a "fly" Snitch 



  1. I'll say it yet again, I love it! SO much detail to everyone's personality!