Monday, July 11, 2011

June SketchCrawl!!

YES, I'm a "bit" late on posting these but summer classes got into the way of scanning. These are some of the zoo sketches from visiting the LA Zoo with fellow CSUF undergrads and alumni. It was REALLY kool yet intimidating to hang out with the PROfessinials but everything went splendid....except I got a fierce sunburn on my shoulders, much like Megan's BUUuuurn (

I HAD to make a My Little Pony version of the giraffes...what!?! That show has a zebra, why can't they have a GIRAFFE!?!
These guys were just to cool to not be colored!! Colored also for my mother, a very avid bird-lover.

Also sketched peoples for practice also....I call this piece "Superhero Cape Tung stalk-sketching Girls".
Just kidding; I just arrange the sketches in this order  :P

Superhero Tung can be seen at:

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