Friday, June 1, 2012

Dog Walk!

On Wednesday my boyfriend Ron, our friend Robert, his little bro, and I decided that the dogs (and us) needed some fresh air and exercise. So off we went to Thompson Park!

Coco is the white energetic young pup there and Oreo is the creaky little ol' Grandma. She kept up with us at a good pace but a very large curb on the way to the park gave her a bit of a set back....

Ron thought it was best to switch dogs so he got the responsibility taking care of the Grandma. Robert, his bro, and I crossed the intersection but with no Ron or Oreo. Apparently she was being stubborn and didn't want to cross and meet up with us on the opposite corner. Actions had to be taken...

We finally made it to the park with everyone in one peice!! Spent a good 2 hrs out there playing catch and then made our way back home with our tired doggies.


  1. Awwww- You should bring those dogs to the dog park on sunday :D

  2. NICE! i love that you are doing this!