Tuesday, June 19, 2012

AM2 Sketches

Here's some traditionally  inked sketches done by memory from this past weekend's AM2 convention down in Anaheim, CA. These are some of the cosplayers that stuck out the most in my mind when remembering walking around the exhibit hall.

The best way to describe these people is that they are SO beautiful in their own way that I NEEDED to draw them.

Fluttershy...OR as my boyfriend Ron rather says "Chubbershy"....

Yuri-fan Vocaloid cosplayer....she's dressed as the boy twin btw

Thor and his home-made outfit

Nightmare Moon from MyLittlePony

These 2 didn't cosplay this year but I just wanted an excuse to draw my friends again as their Wondercon costumes!!

This gorgeous specimen and new friend of mine is dressed up as "conservative" Applejack from MyLittlePony 

 Also at the convention I got to see my friends selling buttons, prints, and keychains!! They're so awesome getting their stuff out there!! 
BTW, the banner is based on Jasmine Goggins last name. I believe she is the one that started this whole group from AM2.


In the booth:
Chris Ybarra
James Lien
Eddie Mendoza
Ann Tani

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