Monday, March 19, 2012

She's So Super

Boyfriend is in DC-mode right now. Got me into the mood to draw some Supergirl but for she actually is: a teenager. A goofy, loopy, playful teenage girl that shoots lasers from her eyes.

I know I should've practiced more action poses since she IS also an action superhero. I'll get some action gestures when I get to drawing some Wondergirl  :)


  1. the shot of her doing the peace sign to the camera (which is above her) would be cool if you had her flying and doing that...with clouds and birds and planes and what have yeh :D

  2. Snap! What happens after he shoots her with the laser eyes!? How have I never seen whatever show this is!?

  3. The one where she's beaten down and getting back up, AWESOME! <3