Monday, March 12, 2012

Life Drawing dump

Ugh, it's been a while since my last update. Haven't had much free time to get myself to a scanner so finally here's some life-drawing sketches that have been piling up in my clipboard.

I am really happy over some of these drawings. BIG THANKS to Chris Ybarra-llama and Tung Nguyen for helping me with rhythm and construction these past weeks. They directed me to view Dave Pimentel's, and Rad Sechrist's blogs on gesture drawing and helpful tips.   

First batch is from Dr. Sketchy's Life-Drawing workshop over at the studio I'm interning at; Titmouse Inc. The theme was "High School Football Rally".

2nd set is from CSUF's Pencil Mileage Club life-drawing nights. 

A Pony snuck into the Drawing room!!


  1. Awesome life drawings! I miss the PMC life drawings now...

  2. Nice stuff and awesome style Christina ;)

  3. These our cool! You should have a hidden pony in every one of your posts haha.

  4. these look awesome christina!! also pony ftw lolz xP