Sunday, August 7, 2011

crackle crackle

 And you guys thought that I just drew cute stuff.

These next few were some of my other drawn ideas for the final assignment in my advanced digital illustration summer course. The other option besides "Kid that pretends to be a super-hero" was "futuristic vampire hunter". 
I played around with it possibly be a fan tribute to Buffy time-traveling to slay vampires int he future, as seen in that thumbnail. Then while collaborating with my boyfriend we came up with some vampires of the future. He was the main idea person and I with the visuals, bringing up class levels in vampire packs, such as Breeders, ones that disguised and spied as humans, and the running Blind Viscious.

Here's a little thumbnail sequence of a Breeder attack and how a pack of running Blind Viscious smell out their prey.

The idea was kick-ass but in the end, my professor liked and approved my compositions with the Superhero kid. I guess I got caught up in the development of the Futuristic vampire world that I forgot to make a final pencil illustration. Derp.

Also big inspiration on the creepy-factor thanks to Jenna's awesome drawings where she doesn't even have to try hard to achieve beautiful creepyness:


  1. these are awesome! thanks for the tip of your hat to my blog :)

  2. just cute stuff? these are the most adorable monsters i've ever seen :P