Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Put Somebody in a Chair!!

It's a new Fall semester of CDA classes so let's start this off right and upload EACH week!! :)
My instructor this semester is Toby Shelton and I couldn't be happier!! While my Figure Invention class in the summer focused on Construction, this semester we'll be emphasizing on Gesture, Story, and FEELING.

This week we had to put a character into an empty chair and give that person personality/story in the one panel. I also experimented with different brushes throughout these sketches...
And NO, I didn't draw that chair MY GOODNESS I COULDN'T DRAW A CHAIR THAT GOOD IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT....the chair and BG template was provided by Toby to all of us in class  :)

Tumblr Gurl

How come kids don't play Cowboys and Indians anymore?

In his more dire situation, Edwin is left with very few chances of survival.....

Granny on Sunday.

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