Sunday, June 2, 2013

May and April Caricature Post

So I totally forgot to do a Caricature Post for's merged with some from May.
First off, these 2 have helped me out SO MUCH this past month. All the great and amazing advice and tips Adrian and Tyler gave me has really shown through my recent work drawings. Did these caricatures of themselves to practice and in thanks!!

BEST REQUESTS EVER!!!! These newly graduated high school guys wanted to each get a caricature and one wanted to be the David from Prometheus and Samuel Jackson from Pulp Fiction.

I LOVE my little Alien here SO MUCH <3

These guy's really loved camping so they requested that as their theme! I greatly enjoy the bear in the bg

My first 5-person drawing....boy, things were getting crowded after a while @.@

Special request to work from a photo for this chick's goodbye from  his work office. Apparently she always sayds that as a comeback haha

Captain Darth Vader there in the corner...


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