Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dec & Jan Caricatures

At the end of each month I plan on uploading my favorite and best caricatures I've done either at home for practice and work. Show my progress from my 1st month of working at Kaman's Caricature!! Thank you SO MUCH, Manny, Jared, Tyler, Adrian, and Ryan for the inspiration and advice on my first month!!!!

Last week of Dec: 

First week of Jan:

Middle of Jan:

Practice at home:

Last week of Jan:

My good friend Jenna was my first caricature ever on my 1st day of work. Look at the improvement. LOOK AT IT.

Ok, a little cheating....I did the right one with pen at home...


  1. WOO! these are totally awesome! and thanks for putting up the ones you did of me! :)

  2. Oh nice! love the confidence in a lot of these

  3. These are great!! HAHA did that one girl request to be Ursula..?