Wednesday, July 18, 2012

中國漁船的故事 (A Chinese Fishing Story) Sketches

A story project of mine in which I;m going to enter into the my portfolio for the Disney Story Trainee position due at the end of this month. I'm already into boarding the beats but I thought why not show some of the early sketches from last week!

I wanted to centralize around fishing and the idea of being patient and not rushing into things, possibly messing up your destiny (or catch on the line). Also to embrace a sense of balance in order to reach one's goals and expose oneself to new experiences. A Yin and Yang story between 2 siblings, a dancer and fisher. Plus giant Koi fish.

I really REALLY wanted to set it in Cambodia BUT Ron said there's no yin-yang belief there. And no koi fish. Just eels....

I was actually originally going to set this along an American river with the bonding between a Father and Daughter. The main girl was going to be a girly girl and not want to deal with icky fish. Only until her father was in danger did she step up into action.

Exploring styles....

Badly scanned thumbnails!!!!



  1. nice!also in the 3rd pic the guy looks kinda like mike hehe :)

    1. i read this and "what, no i dont thiiinnoh wait, it kinda does" xD