Monday, April 30, 2012

What a Smashing Party

Over the weekend I attended Titmouse's 7th Annual Smash Party over at their studio lot! 
There were 2 wonderful open bars where my boyfriend, Ron, and I got double shots of Sailor Jerry's right at 4pm, food trucks, an area for the punk bands to play later in the evening, and the main event: the cage where the SMASHING OF OBJECTS would begin!!

We brought over a friend's broken Acer laptop for our smashing activities. I'm already decked out in my protective gear in order to SMASH.

I began my smashing with a bowling ball right to the screen.

The sledge hammer looked like a fun weapon but to my dismay it was a BIT too heavy for my small frame...


2 minutes wrecking time.

Unfortuneatly Ron and I had to leave the party early to another engagement in the evening but from what I hear fellow CSUF alumn, Megan Dong, smashed some awesome stuff too!! She brought over a glass lamp and a frog lawn ornament. I'll just take a guess that she took out these 2 items with her muscular calves of steel, the result of biking from home to Dreamworks.

Calves of STEEL!!

Even though we had to leave early, it was a fun party!! Thanks Titmouse for the invite!!  :D


  1. Dude that sounds like the right way to do a party! Can we have one of these for the end of the semester maybe?? lolz :D

  2. Aww, haha. Yea, I saw you smash that laptop. Great work! :) And thanks for giving me a cameo here! And man, I wish I actually decapitated the frog ornament with a flying bicycle kick in real life.

  3. This looks like loads of fun!!!! If this had happened a week later you could've painted yourself green and painted your laptop as Loki....