Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Go Camp for Our 4th!

WARNING: Mushy gushy lovey dovey BUT Sincere storyboard animatic with music coming up!! 
ALSO these boards were done in AUGUST....I have studied, improved, learned more since then haha

An anniversary gift that really shouldn't have taken THIS long...but hey, I am extremely glad that I finished this in time to work on another holiday gift for my man (one more planned accordingly to my schedule!!).

These are a set of storyboards of me and my boyfriend's camping trip we took to celebrate our 4th anniversary back on August 18th. The timing was finally done today with the free time Thanksgiving break has gave me. Some shots and drawings seem wonky YES since these were done way back in Aug-Sept. Just glad to also see lots of improvements in my sketchbook from then to now!!

Song: Plain White T's - Rythym of Love

BTW, my guy REALLY adored this gift, ignoring the fact that it was EXTREMELY late hehe

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