Thursday, September 29, 2011

Snow White Cottage Ruins Layouts

Concept layouts of a fantasy TOURISTS attraction for my Perspective course. It's a Legend House Museum showcasing Snow White's cottage in ruins since the prince never came for her. In the physical representation of these we have tracing paper with the human figures (and Snow White in her bed, still young and asleep) layed over.
Had tons of fun learning perspective techniques and even more designing everything beyond boxes. But my goodness, did I get stressed out to the EXTREME worrying on how my first ACCURATE layout background image would turn out.
Surprised I didn't do a Red Little Riding Hood....

That tree growing out from the side grew from the apple seed from the same apple  that cursed Snow 

Apple symbolism FTW!! The tree bracnhes hovering over her bed, still "trapping" her  in eternal slumber....


  1. That's so cool! I really like the apple tree growing into the cottage.

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  3. Very nice stuff Christina, love the top one

  4. Very nice, but where are the human figures?