Thursday, October 21, 2010

Illustrator Exercise Dump: Contact Sheets and an EYE

Good...early morning (1:19am on a Friday morn), guys!!! Just loading up for my professor contact sheets for some assignments for Art 363B.

Photos of shoes to help us with angle studies for our Sequential Art assignment.

Life studies of some poses for my same Sequential Art of "How to Play Fetch with Your Dog". It's the one Dinosuar one from this blog:
Studying spacial figures and dynamic models are my best buddies and my wonderful boyfriend right there in pic #7!!
And another eye picture, this time a real one! My proffessor wanted us to get a high resolution of our own eye, one that is recognizable among our class that they'll be "HEY, thats that one chick with the eyeliner and crazy morning hair!"

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